This Woman, Married at The age 36 years with a Train Station

For her, it is absolutely not a mental illness!

This is my love of life, Carol Santa Fe

The train station in California is not an ordinary station now, as claimed by this woman, they are now married.

For her, its Diadra

The women of 45 year who is not legally married to the station says there are moments of intimacy between them.

‘There is a private place for us to touch and be intimate. I lean before her and I feel that it touches and kisses me’, she says.

Her version of sex is really different to that of usual one.

‘ I have never had sex with the station in public. I wouldn’t prefer to have sex with a man is public, so not at all in this case because I respect it.

We have sex and I feel sexually triggered when the train rev up their engines’.

The love actually started when she was only 9.


‘ Sex is important. My hubby makes me feel sexually stimulated at times and there is a romantic side to our relationship. I idealize a relationship and I think sometimes that the wall of the station is behind me and it is touching me in all naughty ways’.

‘I don’t want anyone to find out that we have a very intimate relationship not even the station staff. Moreover, I don’t want to showcase my relationship with the station and want to be silent about it’.


‘For me, I am proud of Diedra and the relationship is justlike a lesbian or a gay relationship. Anyhow, I feel really proud and contented with being her wife’.

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