Media loses it and highlights the awkward moment taking place in Poland which didn’t go unnoticed

The meeting of US president, Donald Trump and his wife Melania with president of Poland and his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda was held on Thursday. This meeting was held to show US establishing relationship again with its ally, Poland. This reestablishment was due to belligerent Russian adversary and the rising enquiries about military cooperation.

These enquiries also consist of anti-ballistic missile defense. Melania greeted her Polish counterparts instead of Polish president greeted each other first, which threaten NATO alliance.

During the meeting Polands first Lady was eager to meet her US counterparts. The video was recorded which shows this evidence. The press highlights that the Polish lady passed on the presidents hand shake and went to shake hands with Melania describing this moment as awkward. Newsweek claimed that it was witty that Presidents hand shake was rejected by the lady and added a video.

Times and British publication Express highlighted this event. This was an extremely awkward and uncomfortable moment for the president. The video evidence was provided by Tommy Christopher of IJR’s   In most of the events, Melania Trump gathers attention and heed with her irregular and distinctive choice of fashion, heres another incident that has become center of gossip for Europeans. The famous president couple knows well how to stay in center of gossip and attention.

The video below shows and provides evidence for this awkward moment

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