Which Traits Define a Healthy Relationship?

What defines a healthy relationship? We might not think about it unless we need to! This mini list focuses upon how to have a healthy relationship. The below given tips are motivational and can bring about changes in your life.

Balancing a Relationship and Maintaining Self-Respect:

In every relationship, balance plays a very important role. A relationship is also based on give and take rule. Undoubtedly, if there is no balance, there exist no healthy relationship.


Maria stopped doing work-outs as these were curtailing her chances to be with the family. Having that said, she started feeling depressed and lonely afterwards.


Giving up which one needs can be fatal.

Communication without Blame Games and Criticism:

Communication gap is the main problem in almost every relationship.

By making use of offensive statements, flak and blame games can lead to a disturbed rather a hollow relationship.

Knowing when to Speak Out and when to Hush Up:

Knowing about what is the good time to blot things out can keep a relationship healthy and growing. It is a fact that forced conversations end-up in scuffles.


John comes home from office and starts criticizing that the house is dirty, while Susana stayed all day home taking care of her baby.


The best time to speak out is when both are ready.

Affections Can Heal Broken Relationships 10 times faster:

A physical relationship soon fades away, if the friendship or a bondage damages.

In order to have a healthy relationship, affections are important. I you are affectionate toward your mate, the relationship can be saved!

On the other hand, lack of affection can lead to emotional disconnect.

Just Expressing Anger Without Blaming is Helpful:

It is seen that people don’t grow up. They start calling names and become offensive by yelling at the partner which disturbs a relationship. Instead, anger can be expressed without blaming.


I am angry that you didn’t help me clean up. I will appreciate if you do the dishes now.

Instead of: You make me feel crazy, for you don’t do anything.

Get Professional Help if You Need it:

Usually, couples wait for years to call help to save their relationship. However, one needs to fetch professional help before it is too late!

Supporting Each Other Can Work Miracle:

Disagreements are common in all relationships, but supporting your partner even if you don’t agree can work as a healer.

You can give your point of view but imposing it can be perilous.

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