10 Reasons Why Most Men just cannot handle a deep woman

It is a bitter reality that the deeper you are, the harder it becomes to find someone who can enjoy a good and stable relationship with you.

You may go out on very many dates with people but you deepness calls off every single relationship on excuse of its superficiality.

As not every man is strong enough to handle a deep woman. Here’s why:


Generally, a deep woman asks deep questions which can startle you. Moreover, even on a first date, the woman can ask questions which are personal and philosophical in nature.


She is very honest and candid in her replies. You can ask her any question, the reply would be blunt and truthful.


The deep woman knows what she wants exactly. She would not continue dating a person, if she doesn’t like him. He heart only beats for those who are loyal, honest and deep.


A deep woman is not looking for a lusty relationship only. She wants to hear your stories and wants to tell hers. What’s more, she feel your pain and expect from you the same thing.


Actually a deep woman is never afraid of intimacy. She never thinks of herself being vulnerable if she falls for a man’s trap. She enjoys intimacy.


She looks through you and let you know of your fallacies and shortcomings instead of bottling thing up.


A deep woman loves to be loyal with one person. She stays away from heart on sleeves kind of guys and remains consistent.


A deep woman loves a man deep heartedly and in return expect the same. She bids goodbye to a shallow relationship.


A deep woman can be intense which can threaten her mate. Whatever she does in done out of ferocity and intensity.


She stays away from traditional love traps and will not wait for you, if you do not love her intensely.


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