5 Tips For Women That Will Makes The Women More Attractive to Men

Men some time likes egoistic and arrogant women than those who put himself in front  of them.

There is a clear visible separating line between those women who shows more interest in men and their life only revolve around them. Other than them some women follow their own interest and prove by their action that they don’t have any need of men’s support emotionally to enjoy their life.

To keep a man hooked is to form a circle of your own interesting world.

Here is a five astounding ways to keep a striking man as dazzling companion in your life.

1 Don’t give immediate  answer of text if you are not free

 This is not the strategy of attraction. It is a way of conveying the message that you have different set priorities in your life.  As you will be busy, let it go, when you get free answer him by clarifying about your uptight routine. This will show you have an attentive life style.

2 Don’t be frequently active on social media

Sharing on social media about your all activities can produces a bad impression that you want to corroborate your activities by others. In spite of this you can give some updates of new joyful activities to your loved one.  This will create a special bounding between both of you.

3 Don’t engage in numerous texting to him

An inflexible rule is that it is good for you to show an interest in man but texting on common and regular basis irritates a man.  This will definitely generates a gap in your relationship especially at very start level.  So less recurrent texting will marks yourself a worth full lady.

4 Don’t be his go to time killer

Sometime man demands back and forth pattern of messaging. This is good in a way that this may help in the dissipation of hesitation and develop an emotional bonding. But some time man just want to kill his time, when he gets bored. So maintain your stance, don’t limit yourself for a man who consider you as a source of time killer.

5 Don’t stick to  a man at first sight  


  Mark your personality attractive and interested. This can be possible by engaging yourself in active and busy workout. People who are easily cling on someone looks less fascinating. Man love to take a chance of chasing the woman to embrace that he is a best partner of her life.


These all above are not stringent rules for everyone.  This is not bad if you just go and tell him that you are interested in him.  Don’t be egoistic, just set your own primacies and don’t let yourself to stick on or revolve around anything.  

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