TIMES SQUARE TRAGEDY Cameras detain Car slicing throughout the mass


Times Square that is a lively location in the mind of the theater region and is very well regarded for its bright lights, shows and shopping it is basically located in Manhattan New York, USA. This lively place is very busy throughout the year with people from all around the world visiting New York make sure they plan a trip around Times Square to get some clothes and shopping material as well as to make the most of the view that is very well regarded and renowned all around the country.


However a tragedy took place recently in the times new square on Thursday and the scene will give you nightmares.

. A person who was driving in his car sliced through the crowd of civilians and thanks to the security camera’s that are looked around the area the person could be easily detected and contained. It is clearly seen in the video that a person who is named Richard Rojo was driving his car in the wrong direction until he was crowded by locals and not caring of the situation Rojo sliced through the crowd injuring 22 people and killing an 18-year old women.


He was convicted by the police who later in their report claimed that the person had smoked marijuana prior to going on this deadly drive before he was captured by the police to which he later wanted the police individuals to shoot him after he was carried off by the police to the jail.

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