A Truth About Child Marriage Explain This 11 Year Old Girl

Sherry Johnson was only about 11 year-old she was forced to become a wife and mother. The father of her child was 20 year-old member of church who had already raped her before the marriage took place.

When Johnson was a little girl, she attended a conservative Pentecostal church along with her family where she got sexually assaulted by a minister and a parishioner, one of whom made her pregnant. Nevertheless, when the child asked for the rape investigation, her parents forced her into marriage with her rapist.’It was horrific’, Johnson said. Now that she is an adult, she is speaking against child marriage in the U.S.

11 year-old girl doesn’t understand the concept of marriage because at such tender age girls can’t understand such complex concepts. ‘ My mother asked me if I wished to get married, and I said, I don’t know what is the concept of marriage and how does one behave like a wife?’she asked, ‘I think you are going to get married’.

Despite of the fact that a government clerk in Tampa refused to issue a marriage license, they didn’t stop and instead went to Pinellas County clerk who finally settled the whole matter by issuing a marriage license. It is very unfortunate that Florida didn’t have a marriage age and it still doesn’t. But Johnson wishes to bring about change to alleviate child marriage.

Before the marriage was called off, Johnson and her husband had nine children. She struggled a lot, missed school, had to pay heavy expenses and her man didn’t bother to help her. When I applied for a job or for a licenses they said you can’t, if one can’t have financial security then why do you allow an 11 year-old girl to marry at such tender age?


Florida is very underdeveloped and conservative in a sense that it allows children of any age to get married with their parents consent. Thought, the book which Johnson wrote– Forgiving the Unforgivable, inspired those at the helm of affair, but unfortunately the bill outlawing children to get married didn’t pass on the pretext that these bills would violate cultural and religious norms.

If the children less than 18 year-old are unable to take decisions on their own then they are certainly not ready for a marriage. Share it on social media, if you agree that this tradition should be banned in the U.S.

(via MommyPage and The New York Times)

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