Someone said heart-wrenching thing about her little son. Mom’s reply was Surprised

When people wait in long queues that is the time when their true colors come out.

People are very unexpected, usually; specifically, when they have to wait for a while. They start saying awful things to other people in line and to the employees at work there. However, some people may ignore the scathing comments, but some simply can’t when it’s about children.

Dallas Lynn, a mother to a little boy, avoided the moment of conflict with a nasty woman who said something bad about her son, instead she waited for a moment to teach her.

Lynn and her 2 year old son, Jameus were waiting at a local walmart when a mother-son hug revealed some clandestine facts about the baby which were seen hidden under the boy’s shirt.

Outwardly, Jameus looks absolutely like an ordinary boy, but underneath his shirt, is a story of the little boy’s struggle with a fatal disease, Hertzsprung.

When the boy was only about two weeks, the little boy’s colon ruptured which landed him with no choice. In order to survive this setback in the form of the fatal medical condition, he must use stomas and colostomy bags for the rest of his life.   

While they were waiting to check-out, a woman observed the bags underneath little boy shirt and very bluntly posed a question: ‘Why would you let someone do that to him?’

Lynn offered a short explanation for stomas, but she wasn’t prepared at all that the woman would call her tragedy a ‘repulsive story’.

Instead of being bitter and violent, Lynn chose to sideline negative stimulus and chose to be polite to her and commented on it very politely to the woman before leaving the store.

After that awful incident, Lynn shared her trauma with people and explained this fatal disease, Hertzsprung in her post. Here goes her post:

‘Tonight, I am my baby, a 2-year-old toddler, happened to be at a store. We were waiting in a queue when my baby wanted me to hug him, so I took him out of the cart. While I was taking him out of the car, the stomas underneath his shirt were noticed by an old woman who then said to me, ‘Why in the world you will let someone do that to him?’ It was a shocker for me, so I turned around to see her before she could question that why he had him. I gave her a short reply about my baby’s medical condition. But I left out that Hertzsprung disease is a rare disease because her question was so annoyingly asked. She in reply asked, ‘Oh, I feel sorry about it but can you pull down his shirt because it appears so repulsive?’ After listening to her reply, I felt like I would cut this woman to pieces, but instead I said good night to her and changed my line.

So here I am telling folks who are ignorant about this medical condition that this condition is rare. But this is also a fact that innumerable people in America wear these stomas because they are compelled to, so it should not be considered a taboo. Why do people use stomas? They use them because they are surgically created openings which let the waste out of body. My son had an intestinal rupture when he was only two-weeks old. These stomas saved his life against the growing infection in his body. I ask everyone this question that had he been a little older to understand the scathing response of that lady, he would have felt so negative about it. However, what the ignorant woman missed out is the health of my boy who looks as healthy and normal as other boys. But what is not known to anyone is the pain this disease spurred on him.

Please be kind and selective in choosing your words,as your words can make someone feel bad and low!’
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