People bullied her and called her names, but she faced the music and set everything right!

People enjoy summers because that is the time when they can go out, hang around with their friends and take sun baths.

At the same time, wearing a swimsuit can be a nightmare and a cause of anxiety, for people are in the habit of judging others. Irrespective of the overwhelming fear, a 13 year old, Paris Harvey from Kent, England, stood firm to wear it and headed out to chillaxe on sand.

Paris felt really happy and vain about her accomplishment, ‘I was bullied by the people in past and there came a time, when I started believing in what they had to say about me. It intimidated me and made me insecure about my looks’, she told.

Due to her metabolic mechanism, she can easily gain lots and lots of weight very easily and face real difficulty while losing weight. Paris was actually born with dysplasia, which affected her left leg by making it look shorter. This shortening of one leg, created a real difficulty because she walks with a limp, which makes her a laughingstock before people.

Nonetheless, despite being an object of hatred and taker of derogatory comments, she walks on the beach with her swimsuit on. She always wears a smile on her face and this mammoth courage hinted her to share her story online.

Some ruffians commented with hatred, but many people replied with love and respect for Paris.

She inspired folks who are over-weight to wear swimsuit which they once neglected because of public fear.

Irrespective of the fact that she is over-weight and has to face bullying every single day, Paris says, ‘I sideline hatred, humiliation, bullying and calling names; instead, I mainly focus on positive things, the people who love and care about me. One thing should be kept in mind that we have to accept ourselves as we are and our bodies’.

It is bad to ears that wicked people humiliate others because they themselves are not that ways. She is a symbol of courage. If you reckon that her message should be spread, share it!

She Even Inspired people

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