Mans life saved by valor 16 year old boy on first Day of His Job

Austin Goddard, a sixteen-year-old doing his job with dedication at Skyline Chili in Cincinnati, Ohio. He stated that he was cleaning the table and picking up the utensils and keeping them in a pan.

This conscientious teenager got this job, currently, at same place where his mother is employed, after he had proffer to aid. Shannon Goddard, his mother is a dish washer and has been employed at skyline since a year. In June, at work Austin spotted a man who needed aid as he collapsed while dining and Austin ran to perform CPR on him.

He stated that he did with the precise pressure which is instructed keeping his elbow straight. The man was then taken to the hospital after the medics arrived and Austin had an interesting and heroic, epic story to tell his mother. Following day, the man’s family came by the restaurant and showed Austin the picture of man healing and with skyline food kept in front of him. This was a thankyou gift for Austin due to his bravery and valor and aiding him.

Austin states to be proud he has aided in saving life rather than taking part in corrupt activates like robbing and murdering people. Hes a student at South Ripley High School and there ten graders were taught about CPS.

It is agreeable most teenagers often tend to panic or zone out at this situation but this defy and brave teenager didn’t

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