How to Commit Suicide turned into Why to Commit Suicide by Google ?

An Indian girl aged 24 on being denounced by her boy friend finally decided to end-up her life by committing suicide. Actually what happened was her boy friend who feared his family that they would not approve of her girl friend, left her in the middle of no where…

After that, at first, she thought of taking her life by jumping in Yamuna canal that was exactly 4 kilometers away from her hometown, Saharanpur.

Jumping in a deep canal was like facing death in eyes, so she just before falling down in it decided to look-out for some easy way to take her life. What’s next, she searched on google: ‘how to commit suicide’. Lucky she, instead of suggesting easy ways of suicide, google search engine showed helpline numbers.

The DIG handed this case over to the women’s police station and advised them to provide her counselling. Ultimately, the female inspector had discussion with her boy friend to search for other better options for the couple.

Precisely, technology rescued the girl from committing suicide and kudos to google which saved her life by playing a pivotal role.


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