This Couple Recreates Marriage after 15 Years and the Reason is amazing

Generally, when a couple gets married it’s the first look which makes the couple emotional and go horny. But some couples are special and the first look didn’t come for the Hampshire couple until 15 years.

Andrew Airey, 37-year-old of Conway is blind but he was able to see his wife after 15 years during the re-staging of his marriage to Kelli Airey on the auspicious occasion of their 15th Anniversary.

Andrew said, ‘We always take our vision for granted’ in a video of eSight which made the impossible possible by providing him with electronic glasses that helped him see clearly.

He had lost his vision when he was in his teen age and was diagnosed with a rare disease that gradually destroyed his vision.

‘I took so many tests and finally a verdict came from the doctors that I was losing my vision with speedily because of the disease’, he told.

Everyday is a new struggle for Andrew. He struggles with driving, seeking job, shaving his face, but nothing is more heart-wrenching than not being able to see his beloved wife.

That became the impetus that the couple decided to recreate their marriage on the same day this spring. None the less, this time will be different, as he is able to see his wife coming down the aisle with 20/20 vision. All thanks to eSight glasses!

Keilley says, ‘Celebration of 15th anniversary with Andrew’s getting back his vision because of his glasses is an appropriate time to start afresh. I am so excited that he will be able to see everything under the sun’.

The couple now vows to help blind people get back their vision.

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