This Beatuifull women Act of kindness trolling the internet

For quite sometime, Ryan Hamilton, on the road was waiting to get a cab but couldn’t succeed; however, meanwhile, Chicago Cub Fans appeared on the scene from Wrigley Field.

Chicago resident was on the rooftop when he observed a blind man standing with a walking stick in his hand and was trying to stop a taxi while swarms of people were passing by.

Neither the people nor the cars stopped, but a pedestrian stopped to help him.

Casey Polis of Indianapolis was visiting his friends when he noticed the blind man, who was later identified as Yusef Dale, an assistant attorney of Chicago. Without a second’s delay, Spelman came to help Dale and patted his shoulder.

Spelman asked him if he wanted help to call a cab.

He said in reply, ‘You sound pretty so cabs can easily be stopped’. He tried to cut a joke with her.

They talked about baseball for a while. Within few minutes a cab came and Spelman hugged him, helped him sit in the taxi and bid him goodbye.

‘We chatted a lot and laughed together before I said to him goodbye’, she told CBS News.

The woman herself didn’t brag about the incident, it was Hamilton who was watching all this from the rooftop and got touched and moved by her act of kindness so he posted some pics on facebook praising the woman.

Spelman also got touched by Hamilton’s post on Facebook and remarked, ‘It is good to spread this message among folks so that they may be help a blind man next time when he/she needs help.



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