These 8 Facts Might Save Your Life One Day

Do you want to save a live in crucial situation as you missed in the forest, faced by a robber, or have experience   to stay on an isolated landmass?


This is a universal truth that knowledge, experiences and facts have importance for the survival of people.  Some facts may change save your life.   

  1.   Follow the rule of three

For the existence of life, you must follow the rule of three: survival can be possible for three minutes without air, without water for three minutes and three weeks without food.

This rule will establish your priority in any unsustainable condition.   You cant survive for longer time without air, then requirement of water has essential importance then the availability of food comes.

  1.  Save your wound from puncturing

  To save the wound from puncturing there is a need to wrap your wound or injury immediately with gauze to prevent the problem of bleeding. So during therapeutic treatment stop the object from moving above the wound.

  1. For the treatment of temporary unconsciousness, you must uplift the head.

 Uplifting of head avoid the fluid to be accumulated in the brain that may cause swelling.  This trick must be do at some different angle.

however  keep in mind one thing that  if person has a problem of spinal injury, don’t apply this trick on him.  

  1. Expel more energy by breathing through nose

  Breathing through mouth will expel more energy through mouth.  It may cause dehydration while breathing.  So if you don’t have an access of food and water, try to breathe through nose.  But if you are living in a cold place this trick will be destructive for your health.

  1.  You must be dry at a cold place

To be dryer makes you warmer.   If you want to change your dresses, firstly you must wear a driest cloth to skin then other clothes over the top.

When you have the problem of hypothermia, don’t eat snow in the case of thirst.  Because you can survive for three days without water but you can’t survive on sub-zero temperature.

  1.  adjustment of side mirror

Side mirror help in the orientation and position of other cars while driving, but some people  don’t adjust it on its exact position which result in the destructive accident .

  1.  Put antihistamines in your carrying bag

Put antihistamine in your bag even you don’t have a problem of allergy. This may helpful as a medication at a place where you don’t have immediate accessibility of medicine.

  1.   To combat from criminal make ensure your eye contact with them

  Always face your criminal from the front side.  If you turn your back you will be attacked by them.

Don’t try any fighting with robber,   if a robber just want any valuable thing, give them without any argument. In addition of this if the robber wants to kidnap you, just run fast in a curve to protect yourself from armed force.

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