24 Hilarious Reasons People Ending-up Relationships

Love is the most precious blessing ,yet at the same time, it is as sensitive as a glass which falls and breaks into many pieces when hit even lightly. It is not necessary to follow certain standards in love. Hereby are give some ludicrous reasons of a relationship breakdown:

#1 Boy reported to have said that he didn’t meet any girlfriend since she threw food trash out of his car onto the street. Sounds pretty ridiculous!


Long toenail in men can be perilous, as they may become a reason for a break-up.


Girl’s emotional drama turned injurious for a relationship. One couple broke away because the girl was a histrionic who constantly asked the boy for vegetarian but when they get to another restaurant, she ordered fish which led to a break-up.


Arguments on food choices also decide the fate of a relationship.


Eating loud is a vexing habit and can call-off any relationship; especially, when your girlfriend eats like a monster.


Girls are mostly headstrong and choosy. Some boyfriends broke up with their girlfriends just because they were too selective in their food preferences.


Baby talking to pets breeds the feasibility of girls taking to their boyfriends the same way. A man denounced her girlfriend, for she had started baby talking to him as well.


Girls can be indecisive and irresolute and men usually don’t like this attitude that’s why one boyfriend left his girlfriend.


Girlfriends can be super hungry which can be a reason for a break-up story. The girlfriend who ate her boyfriend’s burger reprimanded doing it when he denounced her.


Giggling and laughter all the time became the core cause of a break-up story. His girlfriend couldn’t stop giggling and he could not afford to stay with this vexing habit of hers.



Stupids go beyond the limits of stupidity. A girl who made a supposition that if she would tear the condom then? Her boyfriend cashed this silly excuse to break ties.


Ridiculous carvings of a naive girlfriend taught her a lesson never to ask a boyfriend this improper act again. Actually, the girlfriend asked her hon for a sexual intercourse while she was peeing; this annoyed him a lot to an extent, he considered breaking up with her.


Some cross every limit of stupidity. A boy denounced her girlfriend because he thought she was an insider. Later, he found out she went on a trip without letting him know. This is too much.


A girl applied mustard on her hands and then put it on fries. She also licked her hands later on which disgusted her boyfriend.


They were returning back from a dinner when the boy remarked that it was funny as hell. The girl took it seriously that hell could not be funny. This became the impetus for denouncement between the couple.


Farting is okay to an extent when it remains private. The time it is out before a boyfriend then it can cause serious implications.



Girls also disapprove of choosy and selective men in food choices.


Retelling of a boyfriend’s stories offends the boyfriend and the girl ends up nowhere.


He was 9 at the time when her girlfriend saw him wearing the glasses and branded him as a dork which was taken derogatory and it finished the relationship.


Chatterbox girlfriend in a cinema loses a boyfriend.


Girlfriends with violent habits cannot be tolerated specifically when one yawns too much and his girlfriend puts a hand in mouth.


Dissent on literary figures can be disastrous.


Sisterly vibes can easily deconstruct a relationship. A man left her girlfriend just because my sister was her namesake.


Things as trivial as a girl’s putting a spoon after stirring her coffee can cause serious troubles between the love birds.  

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