A Poor Dad Returns Money Worth $1200 which He Mistakenly Got and Whats people Reactions ?

Hard times came in Gerrell McAllister when his mother kicked a bucket in December 2016. He got stunned one morning when he woke up and got a message from Paypal that he had received $1200.

This money amazed a 28-year old man who finally opted for refunding of the money which he had got mistakenly.


McAllister, who is a cashier in a pet store, is a poor guy who works hard to make both ends meet. He is blessed with a 5-year old girl. Even living in such grave financial crises, he told BuzzFeed that he didn’t think for a while to keep that money and it was instinctive because his mother instilled in him such high moral values. Moreover, he wanted to set an example for her daughter not to chose the wrong path

Melissa Trusler was the actual recipient who was sent this money as a birthday gift which by mistake got received by Gerrell, as the x-phone number of Melissa By now belonged to him. Trusler also shared this story on her Facebook 

Ultimately, Melissa’s father asked her to thank Mr. Gererll. She did and shared Gerrell’s reply on facebook that goes: ‘Do share this with your friend that a black man did this in order to prove that black people can also be humanist and to say good-bye to the doping culture in Washington’.

When people heard such a touching story they asked for his Paypal info and then started sending him money to appreciate his honesty amid the doping culture prevalent in Washington.


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