Selfies on Internet……..

On social media and internet we see many stylish selfies. But we can’t focused on all of them at a time. Because it takes a lot of time

 But some selfies are very unique and creepy, which attracts people mostly.

 This one selfie has been popular on social Media’s sites and people are amazed and surprise to see this. At first seen it is normal and clear selfie of graceful guy and the girl. But when you zoom it make you shocked.

A guy – Andy feuntes and his girlfriend stood to take selfie as frequently all people do. They were holding each other while taking a selfie and they were very delightful. But you can see an interesting thing in selfie when you see it closely.  

at first sight you cant be able to  see any special thing in selfie.  You will say that this is one of the ordinary selfie taken by everyone as boy’s arm is around his girlfriend. But when you start zooming you will know the real story of this selfie….

Clear, full and zoomed picture…


 Oh!  A Background image in mirror – how it could be happened?  This selfie showed that girlfriend has another face at her head’s back. So the main reason behind the weirdness of selfie is that it is very unusual and at second view her smiling face will makes you unsuspicious.  

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