A Woman feels Wow when husband can pick her up after losing her weight

Over-weight can be thought of as a disease that is affecting most of the world right now. It has a numerous reasons behind it with many being simply the junk food or canned foods that are available in the market today.

Burgers, fries may tempt you but to be fair they are doing more wrong then right and let’s be honest who would leave a tasty Zinger for lettuce and therefore weight loss becomes an even bigger challenge when you just can’t stop eating but if you do control yourself sooner or later you will feel glad about the choice you made.

I don’t know about you but I am sure that Jordan Kirkham’s will agree with us. Jordan Kirkham’s who the mother of two shed 140 pounds is down from 300 pounds she was at before stunning her friends and family and to her much delight her husband Daniel Kirkham could pick her up easily. In an interview she said that she hadn’t been picked up since she was a little child because of her excessive skin but she was delighted to have made a change.

Kirkham is only 24 years old and she was over weight in majority period of her life. her husband was equally happy as both of them posed for an instagram photo with cracked up to 50,000 likes in which Daniel had picked up Jordan. One thing that bothers Jordan is her loose skin that was a result of the weight-loss that makes her feel insecure at times but then it shows how much hard work she had put in.

she currently lives with her 2 sons aged 3 years old and 11 months and is located in Bastrop, Texas. She is collecting money to have a surgery to get rid of extra skin.

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