A Woman Who Lost 169 Pound Weight Change Her Face look At Her How pretty ?

Kaylee Bonnett has ever been the laughing stock all her life. Even at the age of 24, she reached to the highest level of weight: 461 pound.

She has faced people’s dirty looks, kids’ laughter and everyone’s sarcasm as a whole’, she told Cosmopolitan.

Every day was a new struggle for her from trying to fit-in in the chair to trying to look beautiful and presentable even with this much weight. 

Making friends was also a great worry, as she had thoughts that she would be living her life as a loner. Health issues were another alarming bell for her.

She was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure which her doctors told that if she would not cut down her fats, she could be the victim of cardiovascular diseases.

 Kaylee wanted to die because of her 461 pound weight.

Therefore, she chose gastric bypass surgery for which she had to lose 30-40 pound weight. So she began to eat high protein food and walk became her habit.

Shockingly, she lost 77 pounds weight before her surgery which was even breathtaking for the surgeon as well. Everyone got startled.


After her surgery, it was awfully difficult for her to walk following two, or three weeks. But when she felt okay after the surgery, she started walking again and said goodbye to high fat food and added in her diet sugar.However, at 317 pounds, she thinks that she has to do more hard work to get her weight to normal.


Her face look very different. She looks very beautiful now. She told that people’s response on her weight loss was surprising for her.

She is finally stepping out of the nightmare into life full of happiness. 

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