One Condition and the Stranger Pays $110 to the Gas Station for a Struggling Man

 Suppose, if you have ever come across such a disgusting situation where after purchase your card had declined to process, or you had left your card out of place and you were ready to pay the bill? This happened to Mr Tyson Crawley who after asking for a gas fill in his car and having couple of coffee cups realized that his wallet card wasn’t at its place(he left it at home).

After becoming aware of this awkward position in which he was put in, he started freaking around and had nothing coming in his mind except humiliation remarks that would follow up. He had to get really quick to his workplace, but the situation seemed weird. Meanwhile, a man who was noticing him for quite some time, stepped out of his car and asked him that did he need money. Tyson told him that he forgot his pin to save his face.

The man went back to the car and then came to pay my bill that was worth $110. He went still that how could someone give such a favor to a stranger?

However, he paid the bill and Tyson thanked him and ask for his number.

Surprised by such amazing gesture of kindness, Tyson requested for a click with the stranger.

They said goodbyes, but Tyson still was stuck there. The lady at the gas station remarked that it wasn’t usual.

When Tyson opened the receipt which that stranger gave him, it further stunned him because it was written on the paper, ‘Pass it on’.

Heavily touched by such kind act, Tyson shared it on facebook and hopes that all will remember that cooperation with one another is important instead of just thinking all the time about money making.

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