This Father Take a Selfie with his Son to Show that He is not a Alone

Usually taking lots and lots of selfies are not considered significant. But this selfie of a father and a son has changed the meaning of selfie.

In the unusual selfie on instagram, Robert Selby poses with his son, Chace Elijah who is 3 years old and has a congenital disease and is underweight too, so he uses a white tube that is visible in the selfie.

Robert has also attached the white tube to show that he supports his son.

‘Mr handsome is showing his abbs like his father, but what you see is only his ribs. I want to tell the whole world that as long as I am alive, I will support my son’, says Robert.


‘I wish that people should encourage my son. I want to tell him that there is nothing is this world that he can’t do and normal children can’, he told Huffpost.

ABC News is of the view that Robert’s son and Jimmy Kimmel’s son both are the victims of the same disease.

Robert mentioned that I wish to be a beam of ray for all other who are fighting with this disease that you can beat this up and can live a normal life.

The selfie posted on instagram showcases strength, parental love and hope. We wish Selbie’s family all the very best of luck.

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