Google: A Provider of Full Family Fun Apps

Google: A Provider of Full Family Fun Apps

Google is doing a phenomenal job in making family life better. It has been launching different apps to give benefits to families. Recently, it has also launched Family Link, an easy way for children to use the apps of Google under parental watch. Moreover, google is broadening the family offerings by extending more and more family oriented apps and one such example is YouTube TV and the Google calendar that is announced by the company on Tuesday.

On the one hand, the recently launched YouTube TV comes up with family accounts which can be used by 6 members on different devices; and on the other hand, Google Calendar designed for family lives provides room for family activities that can be traced on the calendar.

Likewise, another similar app, Google Keep notes can be, quite conveniently, shared with one’s ‘Google Family’ and used for important things in family life such as keeping grocery lists. Last but not the least, Google Photos is now refreshed with new features to help families cherish memories. These new features are devised today.

Google is providing more and more family oriented apps to its users but at the same time the working of all launched app should be taken into account that whether all newly launched apps are in order or not?   

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