The world’s most overweight newborn baby is born in America.

Newborn’s weight is around 6kg, doctors were laughing having seen the baby!

A woman in Washington gave birth to a baby which weighed 6kg, incredible!


According to the Arab TV, the mother, Cressy Corbet was reported to have said that she would give birth to an overweight infant. The previous week, Karleg was detached surgically from her mother’s womb because of her overweight. The child is healthy and normal.

Cressy, the mother of this newborn said that at the time of the baby’s birth doctors were astounded and were laughing. I saw them (doctors) laughing in the operation theater, for they were taken aback by the newborn’s weight.

It is a reality that this newborn weighed 6kg is the world’s most overweight newborn…..

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