A 25-Year-Old Surprises her Step-dad which made him Cry out of Joy

It is not necessary that a child must be your biological offspring, as parents are parents and they have a very pivotal role to play. People may have different opinion about the parental love, but parents should love their children.

Krystle Smith, who is 25-year-old wished to give a surprise gift to her step-father. According to her, he is the one who reared her up ever since and she loves and respects him like her father, as she hasn’t seen her real father. So , in her view, it was the apt time to legalize.

As she had scant time to prepare the legal papers, so she prepared the fake adult adaptation papers for the intended purpose. Along with the papers, she also came up with a touching letter for her step-dad. When the step-dad received the letter along with the adaptation papers, he became so emotional. He knew that the papers were fake, but the real message was understood by him.

Indeed, these were the best moments of their lives and now they are looking forward to have real papers signed.

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