Shirtless photos of president hot guard will make you slobber

The recently viral and famous bodyguard of the president posted a shirtless photo and it made natives slobber as they searched for even more photos of him. As per the reports the bodyguard is named Choi Young Jae.

The bodyguard of president of Korea has recently been praised for his sizzling looks and hot body that he has maintained. Netizens discovered some more photos of him where he is topless and is showing his blistering six packs as he posed no less than a model. The 36 years old shared his thoughts with ‘’The Korean Times’’ regarding the fame he has been getting recently.



In his interview he clearly said that he does not want to get in the spotlight and steal the show as he likes the things as they are he also stated that he graduated as a security service major at Yong In University and later he served Korea’s Special Warfare Command as an officer that lasted 10 years. I was prize the voluntary 11th-degree black belt in martial arts and was a military coach of counter-terror assaults at the 707th unit in Korea’s Special Warfare Command. When further research was carried out it was discovered that he is also a successful businessman but to the heart break of many girls out there he is married and has two daughters.

When asked did he volunteer to be a bodyguard he explained that he is a big fan of president Moon’s cause and wanted to support him in the ‘’rebuilt of the country’’  .


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