13 Celebrities Most Followed Because of their Macho, Sexy Looks

Fans always love to be around divas like flies. Their beautiful handsome looks make them desirable. Nevertheless, people don’t know how much these looks have costed the stars. It costed them an arm and a leg to look the way they look today. Before becoming a star, these stars went through transformations of their bodies. But a lot of change in their bodies has occurred because of lavish lifestyle and cosmetic treatments which helped them look charming.

Anyone can be a celebrity it it is just about looks by expensive medical treatments and surgeries. You will be shocked to see how these 13 selected celebrities looked like before transforming their looks. Here is the list of these 13 celebrities who are the symbol of desirability:

Chris Pratt

When Pratt was a teenager he realized that talent was not enough to be a successful actor, so he worked on his looks and became famous because of his looks.

Katy Perry

The famous American singer, Katy Perry wasn’t contented with her body and looks when she was a teenager. She wanted to be a model and she had started getting fame, she started to work on her looks too.

David Beckham

When the former football player, Beckham was young, he didn’t pay any attention to his looks. But things changed for him. When he became a social icon, he decided to transform his looks.


No one can imagine that the famous Lebanese-Colombian singer who exposes her body today was ashamed of her body in the past.

Justin Timberlake

An American singer and actor, Justin once remarked, ‘Anything that made you ashamed can be a reason for your success in adulthood’.


A singer, song writer and actress– Rihanna once said: ‘We always find flaws in ourselves and these were the flaws that made me successful in life’.

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Dwayne John, an actor, producer and wrestler struggled in his childhood to transform his body and looks. Now, with these dashing macho looks he looks dazzling!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki is an American rapper, singer, song writer and model who once struggled with inferiority complex but now, after complete transformation of looks, she is one of the most self-obsessed celebrities in America.

January Jones

The American actress and model who is an apple of people’s eye these days is afraid of cosmetic surgeries.

Kate Winslet

Kate was bullied at school because of her fatty body. However, later in life she worked on her looks and became a successful actress.

Kate Hudson

Kate’s parents wanted her to join any ordinary profession because she looked so ordinary. But, she followed her dream, and finally became a very successful actress of Hollywood.

Demi Moore

Demi is a successful Hollywood actress who combated a disease in her childhood which had weaken her eye muscles.

Adam Noah Levine     

Adam is a singer, song writer, actor and producer. He has been experimenting with his looks ever since he thought of becoming successful and his unique looks and his unique style have made him a diva.


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