STEVE HARVEY’S EX-WIFE Said you killed My Soul so you owe me $60Million

Broderick Stephen “Steve”; Harvey is a well-known and well regarded personality all over the world. Hosting in multiple shows and staring in a number of comedy shows Steve is a story in himself regarded as a television host, comedian, radio personality, producer, author, and actor.

However Steve has become a part of much controversy lately Steve was married to Marry Harvey and this wasn’t his first marriage but second however the marriage did not last long enough and it was confirmed in 2005 that they pair have decided to split up.

However Mary Harvey she has recently filed a lawsuit against Steve Harvey convicting that Steve has done far more than an ordinary divorced as she labels it under ‘’Murder of her Soul’’ and now Steve should pay her $60 Million. She says that Steve Harvey has hurt her both emotionally and physically as she suffered

every time of pain and calls it the murder of her soul. Mary Marvey says that she was complete dead after she lost every joy that she had in her life that includes losing her son, her businesses, and the joy of Mother's Days she says that it’s much more than just divorce as she found herself in a situation with all kind of

suffering labeling herself ‘’dead’’ or even much more than that. She has decided to take legal action against Steve for child endangerment, persecute, plot against rights, abduct, massacre, contravene of contract and premeditated infliction of emotional sorrow. The interesting part is that the document is not being filed by a lawyer but by a lady who claims herself to be civil rights activist


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