Officer stops 5 old ladies in the car and laughs his heart out when hears why they were driving so slow

Driving slowly on a highway can be as dangerous as over-speeding a vehicle.

It is a known fact to those who drive that old people usually do not chose fast lane. But the cop saw a car with 22 miles per hour on a busy highway, he turned his siren on. As driving that slowly can be perilous.

The story actually begins with an officer who stops a lady who was driving slowly on a busy highway….

One day, as usual, the officer was keeping a watch over speedy vehicles when he saw a car 22MPH. He thought that it could be as dangerous as over-speed on the highway, so he pulled over that car which was driven be an old lady and 4 others of the same age were sitting in the car. The lady asked the cop in a rather surprised manner that what was wrong with him?

He replied to her that though she was not over-speeding but slowing down the car could be a danger to other drivers on the highway.

The old lady told him that she was exactly following the speed limit. Officer could hardly stop himself laughing and said to her that 22 was the route number and not the speed limit. She grinned. The officer asked her that was everyone in the car all right? He noticed the other old ladies’ silence.

She replied that they were all right, as they had just got off route119!!!!!

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