World Most Expensive Burger want to know the price ?

One chief of Holland has made world’s most expensive burger by keeping high standards in mind. This burger is worth $1785. Guinness Book of World Record has also claimed it to be the most expensive burger of the world.

It is made by the expert chief Diago Buke of South Huston Restaurant which is situated Holland’s city– Hegg. They say that this burger has been prepared with unique and pricey stuff like Japanese cow meat, and with the meat of Viagio and Anges.

Moreover, remagen cheese is yet another special ingredient included in it. What is more, other special ingredients include: the sauce of lobster and hermit scorpion, the famous Japanese tomatoes, French salad, Jamaican coffee and Japanese soya was also included. The doe for the bun is made of a special yeast with saffron in it. It has a goldleaf as its topping.

It took two years to make this burger super tasty with its special ingredients and this chief has also got the award of the best burger maker in 2015.

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