A classic Story about a boy and his dog.

There is no other distinctive story, in comparison to this cute and classical story of this little boy and his dog

Maverick, a naughty, two year old boy with his best pal, Leroy, a basset hound . These two naughty best friends are of same age and frequently get in trouble. Maverick tends to drop his food while eating which, makes Leroy stay around him. 

Leroy, isn’t good at following instructions but they are united for common aim that is, food. Due to Mavericks age and height he is unable to reach the handle of the fridge so he pulled Leroy’s collar over and after that the incident that took place astonished everyone. 

These two are an adorable example of teamwork. Have a look at the intellect level of these two. In future, these two might cause ruckus. Share this adorable video with dog lovers and parents so they view the strong bond shared between them and daring experience of team work.


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