A Super Funny When a Flying fish hit the skier where it hurts the most

A tweet went viral with a clip which has been re-tweeted for 65,000 times on Twitter as the most laughable video.

One innocent water skier was hit on his private parts very hard when a fish leaped over.

This embarrassing moment was captured in a video which later on went viral.

It also involved Miroku. The clip begins with a man skiing behind the boat.

A camera was filming the skillful skiing by this man unaware of the tragedy that would follow. A fish, all of a sudden, leaped out of the waves and hit the man hard on his testicles. The man cried in utter pain after this horrendous affair.

The man became a laughing stock as he also lost hold of the boat.

This funny video went viral with a re-tweet of 65,000 times.

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