The soldier intends to surprise his dad and gets knocked himself

My heart is filled with thanks. This night was the best night ever!’……

Christopher Adams, the trade specialist in U.S. Army,  when came back from Germany decided with her wife to craft a plan to surprise his father Lee on his birthday on a celebrated dinner.

Adams walk through the Texas Redhouse to startle his father sitting at one of the tables in a restaurant. When the father saw his son, he started yelling and embraced his son with intensified love.


This Soldier Surprised His Dad For His Birthday

Posted by WittyVine on Monday, 12 June 2017

The restaurant administration also assisted to surprise them by making a special reservation for the Adams family and putting down the blinds so that Adams and his wife cannot be lost. The manager of the restaurant filmed all the homecoming video himself.

Nonetheless, the family had no idea of the kindness that followed: ‘The restaurant administration offered them everything free of cost and also offered them a special birthday cake to add more joy to the surprise part’. Adams shared this on facebook that his heart was filled with ecstasy and that night was the best ever night’.

The restaurant management no only paid for the mean, but also wrote ‘welcome home’ on the receipt.

Since Adams posted the story on facebook, it got 16000 likes since then!

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