Officer Buys Groceries for 91-Year-Old Woman Whose Wallet Was Stolen in Supermarket

Florida theft in a supermarket became embarrassing for the victim, but the police officer’s magnanimity and tenderheartedness rescued an old woman of 91-year-old from insult, as he bought her the grocery to save her face.

Authorities reported, while the old lady was talking to someone at the store, a man slipped her purse and ran away.   

It is a classic technique used by the thugs to loot people where one man distracts the person’s attention and the other partner accomplishes his task of picking valuables, police said.

When the authorities reached the Publix Supermarket, one police officer named Janelle Jumelles took the manager to the corner and requested, ‘Would it be fine if the old lady gets her grocery home? I will pay you when I get back’.

The police department reported that the store authorities tried to clear up the old woman’s bill but the police officer insisted to pay the bill herself.

Bodycam captured the scene where Jumelles was telling the old lady that she needed not to worry fo the bill.

She said out of anxiety, ‘But the grocery I have bought is so expensive’. Then, she started weeping.

Jumelles consoled her and relaxed her. The old lady was thankful to the police officer for this kind act.


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