This Man Spent Thousands of Dollars to Look Like an Elf and the Results are Astounding


One fantasy enthusiast goes maniac and spends $25,000 for a plastic surgery to look like a fantasy elf. Luis Padron, a 25-year-old from Argentina was treated badly by his peers in his childhood, so he had to recreate his own world free from human beings and full of nymphs, elf and angels. Therefore, he was firm to look like the other worldly creatures. He, in the this quest, started to bleach his hair and skin. In his late teens, he became so obsessed with this fantasy of elves that he became fanatic about looking like them.

Louis, now-a-days, spends $4000-a-month on creams, dyes and treatment to achieve his silly goal.

He has almost spent $25,000 to look like this!

This surgery includes a full body hair removal, nose job, liposuction and many operations to change his eye color.

Pardon says he gives people a damn and he will not stop these treatments until he totally turns into an elf.

Currently, he is up for an hair implant which will be heart shaped. Moreover, he also aims at making his ears pointed like an elf and some lengthening operations.

Luis, who loves the thrilling fantasy genres further says:

‘I was all the time bullied by my classmates and my friends in my early teens which made me escape the so-called world of bitter realities and stepped into an imaginary world of fantasy. I started watching movies like Labyrinth, The Never Ending Story and many others of the same ilk to get dissolved into the world of probability and supernatural. That was the time when I decided to be like an elf’, he said.

At the age of 14, I was steadfast about the surgery.

‘It was only the beginning of pain which was followed by many painful operations to achieve my goal, but I never give-in just because I was determined to be an elf. The more I faced pain, the more I became determined to achieve my aim’, he said.

He went through many experimental and painful operations.

He had to bear extreme side effects when he tried to change his eye colour from brown to crystal blue.

In an interview to Daily Mail, he said:

‘Without anesthesia, the operation was very painful as it meant using eye drops all the time and I became sensitive to light so I had to wear sunglasses all the time to avoid light. I really turned into a Vampire. Unfortunately, my eyes didn’t change into crystal blue, but I am hopeful’, he said.

In the below given picture, he is only 10-year-old

His appearance helped him to make a career in modeling as he looked like an elf.

While talking pertaining to his expediences…..  

Luis said, ‘This experience has transformed my life in a good way, as I look like an elf today after bearing a lot of pain there is relief!!!’.  

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