My life was so much bigger than that job. what a inspiration

My life, certainly, was bigger than my job’.

Undoubtedly, losing a job irrespective of circumstances is very depressive and difficult. Nevertheless, a post by Humans of New York turned the tables, a person after doing a job for 6 years lost his job, but he didn’t show any sign of regret and said that it was after losing his job that he finally unearthed true beauty of life. His take was really sanguine and full of aspiration that we all should know:

‘I lost my job and that was my first ever job which I lost. It was difficult to escape the embarrassment it had caused when I came to know that I was no longer needed there’, he said.

One unknown person added that they were among 1 out of 10 who got fired.

‘Therefore, my mind was searching out that what could have gone wrong. I spent few days after losing my job, crying to my heart’s desire’.

This post appears for many, a negative one but the person came up with the reason why losing his job turned lemon into lemonade for him.

‘Fortunately, my birthday was only few days ago when my friends took me to holiday and it was real fun. That was a turning point in my life which made me realize that I only lost a small pie in form of a lost job, but real blessings of life are still not gone’.

The post got many comments and people liked how the man finally got rid over adversity by finding beauty in hard times as well.


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