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Daddy made a rainbow by using a fidget spinner and a water hose.

Fidget mania among kids and even pre-teens is pretty common. In day-to-day life we experience that our kids look up for their toys on internet where they can only find fidget spinners everywhere. Parents and teachers are worried alike about this mania that is nurturing to extreme level. Moreover, newest spinner tricks are searched by children all day on web that is why this fidget thing is a loathsome symbol for parents.


On the contrary, one dad was found in terms with this spinning stuff. Surprisingly, he teaches his children that how these toys can make tasks like washing a car interesting and easier.

David Freiheit and his girls were in the lawn where their father was washing his car and he told them a trick by using hose and a fidget spinner together.

Quite ordinarily, the hose was throwing the stream of water on the car but at the same time, something profound happened when David used fidget spinner. Everyone was shocked.

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