Dad gifted his Left Kidney to his Beloved Son!

Gage Lipscomb, a 14-year-old boy has something special in offing for Father’s Day!

His father– David has sacrificed everything for Gage, his younger and other 9 children. Especially, Gage got a priceless gift from his father: his left kidney.

Gage fell seriously ill when he was about 2-year-old with a chronic fever. His parents tried their best to get him the best possible treatment. However, the disease was untraceable for a long time and finally came a disaster that he was suffering from renal system infection with the help of an ultrasound.

The little boy had to face enormous health issues which led to a surgery in MARCH 2005. Infection was severe so the doctors only became successful in saving left kidney while they lost right kidney to infection.

Doctors predicted many surgeries for Gage but he led a healthy normal life with only one surgery.

He visited Texas Hospital for Children and they prescribed him one tablet a week, but they alarmed his parents that any infection at the time can be perilous.

Having said that, Gage didn’t feel sick all those 12 years. If a fever came his way, it was only once a year. Quite uncertainly, he played Soccer, Basketball and Football at school without having any medical issues and feeling that he was not normal.

He wanted to join the football team at school. None the less, due to medical unfit state, the doctors gave him advice not to. His family treated him the same way as his other siblings. David is of the view that they should not confine him to any bubble where he may feel different from normal children. Even his surgeries were taken so lightly in order to make him feel it was all normal.

After completing his school, he started to feel bad and doctors pointed to the fact that he was only 6 months away from requiring a dialysis, which was a sad news.

Doctors also pointed to the fact that this renal infection would cause problems in growing and also shorten life.

Kidney can be easily donated, as many people have two healthy kidneys and donating one kidney do no cause much problem. But the real problem came when doctors asked for blood match. No one was of a match.

Then, David decided to donate his kidney to his son. He got tested but due to his high blood pressure, he was rejected. He again went for a test. David was so stressed out this time, for his boy’s health was constantly deteriorating day-by-day.

Things are not in our hands. People started donating for this family,


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