How Amazing a Fare served with social justice by a food truck

Snow day food truck serving on streets of New York with an aim of promotion of social justice. Drive change, was the first one to come with the idea of social justice food truck. The aim of this food truck was to provide fellowship for one year to those young individuals released from prison. 


Jordan Lexton and Roy Waterman teamed up to start this food truck. Waterman hired imprisoned youth of the ages 18 to 25. In start of 2014, and Roy has hired 20 people returning home from jail. The reason and aim behind this fellowship is that these young adults working with snowday as truck employees learn skills that aid them in employment and entrepreneurship.

Men and women, returning from jail hold a hidden potential. It is just that their skills are pit towards a wrong and evil direction. This fellowship consists of three stages. The first step of this fellowship is earning mobile vendor license and food handler and safety license by going through culinary and hospitality training. In the second stage,  which is the employment stage, they get job on food truck which ranges from Head chef to cashiers.

Side by side also attend courses in marketing,  social media and small business development. In the last stage, for four months they do internship in a different work environment.

Snowday has won a Vendy award three times. Drive Change are providing young adults who got released from jail to redirect their energy and potential towards something useful. 

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