Ad sharing School Lunches just heart touching

Nothing is actually better than a good network and community, for sure’.

428,000 children are in foster care right now in America. Across the globe, there are 40 million children who are branded as orphans by UNICEF. This pressing issue needs to be focused, as these children remain as a state’s responsibility for 2 years.

There are many ways to start conversations about foster care, from open letters, to benefits, to campaigns. One renowned Norwegian organization came up with a flabbergasting ad which caught attention of tens and thousands of people and went viral on internet. It foregrounded the importance of developing a community.

In the ad, kids begin to get their lunchboxes in the school while one boy gets an empty lunchbox which makes him upset and he leaves the room quite upset.

However, when he goes back to the room, he finds that his lunchbox is full of food.

This heartwarming ad was posted on foster care facebook with a credo: ‘Nothing is better than a good network and community. Let’s help each other’.

Posted by Fosterhjem on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The ad ends with a beautiful and meaningful message, ‘Solutions can be found easily than you think. Now we need more foster homes in the immediate environment of these children’.

The was posted around May 26 and received about 4 million views, unbelievable!!! Surely, this ad will attract the attention of these children who would want a loving environment like foster houses and that is how charity can beget positivity.

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