7 Year Old Lucky Girl Get the Most Expensive Gift from her Dad

By and large, every girl is a princess for her dad and every father treats her with extra love and care. This is the most beautiful relationship on earth. I don’t know why dads love their daughters so much. I asked this question to many friends who have baby girls; they say that their girls are princesses and some go beyond by calling them blessings.

Well, emotional stories aside, I am going to tell you a very profound and interesting story. Almost every dad wants to see his girl happy and in this pursuit he buys them gifts as well.

The story is about a very rich dad who had a 7-year-old daughter. He loved her a lot and few days ago he bought her a gift. Without any doubt, the gift was most expensive one. Don’t scratch your head by guessing about the gift, I am going to tell you!

That was a real diamond of worth $48.4 million, a very novel one. The amazing thing is that her father not only purchased the expensive diamond but he named this diamond after her daughter’s name: ‘Sweet Josephine’.

 look at the expensive diamond bought for the girl.

When I heard about the most expensive diamond was purchased by a dad for his 7-year-old, I was taken aback. I don’t know exactly what a father feels when he gifts a present to her daughter, but I can say, for sure, that his daughter would be very happy on having such an expensive diamond. Dads, love your girls and share your plans of buying gifts for your daughters.\

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